Why work with us?

To improve the business side of your company, it goes without saying that we need to be efficient, accurate, and timely.

It’s how we go beyond that you will value.

Why we believe you should consider having Encompass be your partner comes down to some important differentiators:

1. We are specialists in independent practices.

You should be paid for all services that you provide and there are unique challenges in each specialty…By fine-tuning your documentation procedures during the entire Phase of Care process, we help ensure that the information gathered allows payment to be received for all allowable and billable services provided.

Process Discovery and Evaluation

  • Fine tune your process
  • Ongoing feedback and training of your team
  • Benchmarking vs industry
  • Reduce internal work-load

We are physician-owned by doctors who practice anesthesiology every day. It’s a difference maker for us. It gives us insight into the unique needs of independent practices and implications on Revenue Cycle Management. Our size makes us nimble to the changes needed for your business, yet we have the big picture understanding of the larger industry providers.

This gives us a unique capability to serve the needs of independent practices.

2. Our talented staff ensures selection of accurate billing codes.

This has a radical impact on maximizing charge capture and, in turn, increasing your revenue.

Only US based, certified coders

  • Greater charge capture
  • Knowledge and understanding of procedure notes and coding
  • Personal service
  • Account managers who understand your business
  • Midwest values and work ethic

Who is representing you?

Every email. Every phone call. Every letter. Every interaction.

Patients. Hospitals. Physician offices. Insurance companies.

Your reputation is in the hands of every person who represents your company.

Let’s face it, many times when your patients have questions or concerns about their bill, it can be a difficult conversation. Our staff is trained to help your patients come away from the call feeling that they have been heard, treated with respect and have a fair resolution to their issue.

A mutually acceptable payment plan always feels better than collections.

Patients will be heard by knowledgeable, caring staff who understand the process and can compassionately help them resolve their concerns.

Your reputation is important. We handle it with care.

3. Improved Cash Flow

We all are looking for it. It’s easy to promise it. Quantification of the expected improvement will vary by organization and their baseline. We will not overpromise an outcome but we will spend time getting to know your business and then work together on improvements.

What we believe wholeheartedly is that when we follow our process, real cash flow improvement will happen:

  • Optimizing how your data is collected
  • Completing the billing accurately and timely
  • Continually enhancing your process

If your current Revenue Cycle Management team isn’t actively following this process, there is opportunity to improve. Doing it right the first time and continually improving the process will lead to improved cash flow.

We provide a Monthly Scorecard to our providers that shows how things are going and opportunity areas to get better. This accountability tool allows you to see how we are doing in a visual, easy to act on format.

‘Timely Posting’ of charges – what does that mean?

One of the unique aspects of independent practices is that you may not want your bill to arrive to the patient first. If you want a posting time of 5 days, we can do that. If your practice would sooner have a 10-day posting time, we can do that too. We are willing and able to deliver a service that supports your practice goals.

When we say ‘It’s your company, we help improve it’, this approach to timely posting is a perfect example. We can take your current processes and goals and set up execution plans to achieve them. We make suggestions for improvements on an ongoing basis.