Our Approach

‘Billing’ service fees are generally calculated as a percentage of billings. Additional service fees on top of that percentage are often tacked onto your bill.

Our approach is different. Some practices prefer an all-in percent with a full suite of services. Others favor an ‘a la carte’ menu of practice management and revenue cycle management. We will provide you with an estimate after meeting with you and determining the scope of service you require and your preferred billing structure.

But this doesn’t answer your question, does it?

We tend to fall somewhere in the middle of competitive fee structures. We don’t and never will off-shore our talent, and we will not compromise on quality…so we are not the low-cost provider. Our overhead is managed well and our corporate return is reasonable, so we will not be the high-cost provider even though we offer premium service levels. So, we are somewhere in the middle with an amazing service designed specifically for independent practices. We think that’s a fair place to be.  

Contact us for an evaluation of your specific business opportunity.
mcarlson@goencompasshealth.com or 844.693.1482