Providing the management, process, systems and training to process your own billing in-house.

We launched the insourced billing model in 2016.

After a successful year-long pilot with our first client, we realized we were onto something really important. Not only did they recognize an increase in profitability from the net fee reductions, they experienced increased efficiencies that netted them a 1% incremental bottom line return…over and above the savings gained from insourcing billing. *

*The incremental efficiencies returned will vary depending on your current provider. In this case, the client had been using the services of a national medical billing provider.

What is Insourced Billing?
  • Migration of your billing from an outsourced fee-based provider to an in-house department
  • Encompass Health Solutions provides all the expertise, training, compliance, software and guidance to set up and run your own in-house revenue cycle management
  • Allows you to focus on your specialty while we set up and oversee your revenue cycle management
  • Recapture the benefits of managing your own financials without distraction from your practice
  • Local control of your financials
  • Add up to 2% to your bottom line returns…plus efficiency gains
  • Tailor revenue cycle management to your practice and culture…for example:
    • Preferred timing of billing
    • Nuances for each location or service line as needed
  • Establish a local billing office with staff who know your team, your process and your culture
  • Billing staff represents you and the image of your practice to patients, hospitals and insurers
  • Encompass focuses exclusively on anesthesia practices – specialized training and expertise
  • Add-on services for practice management available
  • Tailor for a mix of in-house and outsourced tasks as needed
Traditional Billing
  • Billing service cost – Typically ~4.5% of revenue
  • National billing providers/General accounting firms
  • Payer agreements are decreasing margins
Insourced Billing
  • Turn cost center into profit center
  • Savings of 2-3% to your bottom line
  • Systems/support from practice specific experts
  • Control of financials locally

Managed Transitions

  • Encompass Manages your Billing
  • Establishes your Billing Center
  • Transition to Local Control
  • Progressive Sharing of Earnings
  • Training and Managing by Encompass
  • Full Cost Savings
  • Systems and Updates
  • Training
  • On-site Visits
  • Compliance Updates
  • Auditing
  • Right People
  • Right Processes
  • Right Systems
  • Right Location
  • Accuracy
  • Collections
  • Compliance
  • Write Offs